Monday, December 15, 2008

100 Days Played among other things

It has been a while since I posted, distracted by real life. On this character I have 100 days 22 hours 37 minutes, and 12 of those hours have been at 80. It was sort of anti-climatic to get to 80. I haven't even started the quest lines in 4 of the Northrend territories. Although I think the achievement counter is messing up as I already had over half in the basin complete. Besides farming mats for the Nesingwary 4000 I am taking a diversion and working on the Merrymaker achievement and have acquired 3100 achievement points at the time of this posting. Next Achievement goal is Chef if they ever fix that the 4 recipes that are necessary are given. Currently the guild I am in has yet to start Naxx but we are having a meeting this weekend so we may start soon.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Spirit of '76... err '77

Made the crossover to cold flying late yesterday.

Been selling titansteel bars but the market is going down from 500g a piece when I startedlast week to 300G as of yesterday.

Another thing I learned is Winterspring is a no-fly zone.Below is the results.

I floated from the edge of Sholazar Basin almost to the middle.

Late for work will hyperlink later.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Have Goggles Will Travel.

I made my goggles this morning.
Put in this Meta and green.

Time to start leveling to 80.
Hope to break 9000 mana by then.
Gear upgrades should do it.

Speaking of gear I'm digging the updated look of the armory.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

O Rilgon Where Art Thou?

Looking forward to reading the latest post at SES and got 404'ed.
Hope everything is ok and this is the problem.

Working on getting to level 75 also need to do a bit more mining and engineering leveling, So I can get my new helm. Frozen orbs are currently going for around 300G on Cenarius. Need to decide what enchants on my twin swords. I am thinking I need either agility for crit and AP or intellect for mana and RAP or thinking spirit for regening health & mana out of combat via Feign Death or Accuracy for Hit and Crit. Need mats first but want helm more so.

Any other dwarves notice that these drag into the ground when holstered?

In Howling Fjord, I got bent down by Arthas in the Spirit Realm.

*note the position he left me, ouch!

I did accomplish one thing. Critter Gitter

The coords are [50.36, 56.22] in Howling Fjord, there are two groups of 5 maggots and I was able to do this as fast as I could target and throw them Critter Bites. Be sure to clear the mobs around you before hand.

Friday, November 21, 2008

I think it stuck in neutral.

Since yesterday things are not seeming to go right. I scared the crap of myself by running into the minefield near K3. Fell down a hillside into Zul'Druk right on a cobalt node. Unfortunately it was below the visible surface. ran around the entire zone found another node like that and one that was mineable before heading to the Grizzly Hills and found a node there but had to cliff jump down. I picked up a few flightpoints but that was about it. Maybe the weekend will be better.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sweet Home Dalaran(-a)

I thought it wasn't until 75 you got the quest for Dalaran. So I was to my suprised after topping over into 74 in Howling Fjord the NPC became active. So I got the boost up stairs after talking with him. Also made some gold in selling Overcharged Capacitor for around 35G. Sadly it has mostly been spent for training skills that came available at 74. the other part was spent on adding an eternal belt buckle to my belt with I thought was going to have to drop my belt enchant to overwrite it. I was wrong both co-exist, so now I put a cheap gem into it for now.

Took a break from the Northrend for some Final Preparations and have acquired 10/40 of the Blackrock Bracers. Still need the helm and chest otherwise not going to fight Valthalak in the followup quest.

Thanks for all you comments. and have a great day.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Diplomat will see you now.

An urgent plea for assistance recalled me from Northend to the Outlands. After may hours my work with the Kurenai along with the Sporeggar and Timbermaw has paid off I am now Thracyyus the Diplomat. My first act as diplomat is to give accolades to Maevet and Rilgon of the alternate realm of Steamweedle Cartel and to my new Orcish commenter Kordwar of Ravenholdt. For their notice of another hunter engineer, Hip, Hip, Huzzah!

Following in Rilgon's footstep's I have new shoulders and learned how to make a Mark 'S' Boomstick. Mining of cobalt ore was limiting me and in the Borean Tundra it is in short supply. However once I ventured into the Howling Fjord I found deposits much easier to claim. But noticed more traffic coming there so those deposits will probably become hard to come by too.

My latest task is to become exalted with the Kalu'ak 7760/21000 to obtain their fishing rod, ETA nine days. I already have picked up their choice mail chest and polearm but need to level to use them. For level 74 I will be replacing my neck with Loque'Nahak's Severed Fang of the Bandit (+28AGI +42STA +56ATK), my ring with King's Eyesocket of the Bandit (+28AGI +42STA +56ATK), and my wrists with Darkweb Bindings. Currently engineering is at 402 and mining at 430.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

QQ on the CueCue

I shouldn't have fallen alseep and got d/c as the cue is 1111+ people and now a 82 minute wait. At least it is giving me time to catch up my blog. No Engineering drops yet but did get two BoP cooking recipes: Bad Clams and Haunted Herring. I think my engineering is at 380 now but lack of mats at reasonable zone spawn and prices on AH to by is slowing my down. Got my fishing up some too and it is around 385. Been vendoring most of the quest rewards I get although I did keep the Death Knights' Anguish. I am very happy with the quest reward for Last Rites, Fury of the Raging Dragon so dropped the old Veteran's Musket to the vendor for 33G plus.

Picked up a Gnomish Army Knife off the AH earlier today for 45G and and freed up five bag slots, so decided too carry some simple wood since there is room. Althought the Hammer Pick was a waste of mats in hindsight, it did bring me 2G on the AH. At least my Zapthrottle Mote Extractor is good in the Borean and have sadly havest more with it than nodes of Cobalt ore.

As per usual not enough tanks available for instances and after three failed grouping attempts I gave up on the Nexus at the moment. Instead I started the quests in Dragonblight since I am sitting at about 72% of level 71 complete. But I might want to head back and find where I missed the D.H.E.T.A. questline for more quest experience. Cue currently at 730 and 71 minute wait, so I can blog at bit more before I start playing again. Just checked again 686 and 31 minute cue, now it is increasing but less people in the cue? WTF?! must be broken.

Looks like I am in after a 45 minute wait.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Another 3 hours to be lost.

Oh well I am now 6394/21000 revered so only about 250 more beads to get an turn to get exalted max. Doubt it would have happened before work but they are bringing the server down now to fix the vendor issue. I should get it before heading to the local Gamestop for my ticket to Northrend awaits or at least that is what I got out the message that Ashley left on my photo and that I need to be in full regalia. That is if I dont fall asleep first.

Shoulda, Coulda but Didn't

Only if I farmed arena points last season more as Brutal Gladitor's Rifles are available without restriction currently. It is probably just a bug that they are available without rating but if not I will be kicking myself till I get to level 73 and learn to make a Mark "S" Boomstick and a Truesight Ice Blinders which I should have been able to make at that point. Both of which are a farcry from the Surestrike Goggles v2.0 and the Veteran's Musket I am using but hopefull it wont be long until I get them.

Gonna farm some Timbermaw rep this morning since everyone else is trying to get the free gear off the vendors. Just noticed only other person in Felwood is a 53 warrior who I stopped to get the mobs for himself for a quest. Made the mistake of turning in beads and got to revered only to not get any rep on kills except for chieftan.

Update: Oh well I am now 6394/21000 revered so only about 250 more beads to get an turn to get exalted max. Doubt it would have happened before work but they are bringing the server down now to fix the vendor issue.

Side note: Well the expansion goes on sale tonight I will be in full costume at the local Gamestop for my ticket to Northrend awaits.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

No Mail. No Problem.

It looks like it might be a chance of a rollback on this one. In the meantime I have managed to work more on this blog so it is presentable for others to read. I want to give a shout out to the other blogs I am reading now, check the right for more info.

Nothing set in Stone(form)...

Well I have already scrapped most of my pre-expansion goals. As I was able to continued the Dungeon Set 1 to Dungeon Set 2 upgrade questline. Baron Rivendare finally dropped the Beaststalker's Pants so have been able to progress to the questline to just before summoning Lord Valthalak. Athough I will still need to farm a Beaststalker's Cap out of Scholomance and a Beaststalker's Tunic out of UBRS to be able to prgress it further.
I should be able to finish out to achievements after server re-boot, one is Razorfen Downs and second is Zul'Gurub. Which once I complete those I will achieve Classic Raider and Classic Dungeonmaster. Should also manage to get into friendly with Darkmoon Faire for what ever it is worth but need 930 bars of thorium to get exalted but via thorium widgets.

Friday, November 7, 2008


...are good things to have but deadlines to achieve them are not as I doubt they could be accomplished before the patch.

Recipes I am lacking:
1) Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops

1) Force Reactive Disk
2) Biznicks 247x128 Accurascope
3) Core Marksman Rifle
4) Rocket Boots Xtreme
5) Stabilized Eternium Scope
6) Surestrike Goggles v3.0

So which ones are viable for me to obtain well lets put them in order of probablity. If I get some runs in Steam Vaults I should be able to get the boots. I should be able to farm enough rep to get the quest for the chops from the silithid carapace fragment turn ins. I doubt that my last run before the expansion on Attumen will yield the scope but could happen. Well the other night the goggles were on the AH but didn't have 5000G to spend so I am putting gaining them on hold until after expansion. Sadly the three from MC will probably not be obtained before the expansion next week unless they all drop and I beat everyone in rolling for them.

My goals for achievements are to complete as many as I can and have enough to be over 2300 points. I managed to fish in Orgimmar and get "Old Crafty" albeit it took two days, countless deaths mostly alliance although one horde did too because they took on four of us alliance players that were trying to fish. I know I need to complete more quests in Kalimdor to get the loremaster of Kalimdor unlocked. The 3000 quest title The Seeker will come but after the expansion.

So if you need some food or engineering items made send a tell in game and if I am not busy or if you are.

edit: Will be coming back to add links to the items later.


Started my own blog about my experiences running a survival spec'ed hunter with Goblin Engineering. I first started playing WoW on Lightbringer (PvE) soon after release but it was so buggy I quit. A co-worker started playing and would tell me about it an I could remember wher ehe needed to go an eventually started, Thracyyus, on Arthas (PvP). I leveled there until 70 but found getting stunned and laughed at for 20 minutes was not worth me playing there no longer. So I decided to change climates and go PvE as that is what I did the mostand have taken up residence on Cenarius (PvE). I hope someone will find some enjoyment and or information out of what I post.

-Thracyyus of Cenarius